Saturday, 7 April 2012

tagNpin Releases A New Loyalty Solution For E-Commerce Portals

tagNpin Releases A New Loyalty Solution For E-Commerce Portals

Delhi based startup, tagNpin, has released a new product for e-commerce portals. Besides the website, the new ‘Loyalty’ solution can be integrated on the portals Facebook page as well, within 10 minutes using a plug and play code.
“Loyalty has always been a big part of retail. We are living in a social age where people show their loyalty in new ways, like sharing product details in their social circle. These social actions may be equally or more valuable than purchasing the product itself. This hyperlocal marketing is fast replacing other traditional forms. Through tagNpin’s solution e-commerce sites can tap a person’s digital activities, including purchases to reward them appropriately,” informed Siddharth Gupta, Co-founder, tagNpin.
Customers can get rewarded for shopping, being social, and for actively recommending, commenting or liking something on the portals Facebook page. “E-commerce vendors will have complete flexibility to select the actions they wish to reward customers for,” said Siddharth. Brands can change the loyalty logic anytime. They can choose to reward the active customer for social activity, run marketing campaigns, SMS campaigns and view analytics; all this through their tagNpin dashboard.
“With increasing internet penetration, new e-commerce sites are coming up to fill every dot and in some cases brining retail experience online. Our loyalty solution was designed to provide shoppers a great shopping experience on any e-commerce portal and to make it easier for e-commerce players to reward shoppers for being a brand influencer,” concluded Siddharth.
To find out more about this, visit | Register here, and don’t forget to enter the‘yourstory’ code.
You can read more about tagNpin here.

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